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Black Cobra Mafia
Joining Black Cobra Mafia
News & Updates

Welcome to Black Cobra's very own web-site. In this site NO! hobba's or sulake staff are welcome to look in this web-site. This site will show some incredible things that Black Cobra Mafia or my other mafias/crews has done.

NO! hobba's sulake staff or anyone that can use this site as avidence aloud to roam around this site.
I made this site to show all the habbo's out there that we are the best... -=BC=- DnT M觧 WTh Th BȧT -=BC=-
I believe that anyone who try's to mess with us.. Just want to say something to them look at our trashings, we have got habbo's from other mafias/crews to fuck the other mafias/crews up.
My advice Join with us and you will be okay.. :D


What's New?

Whats New?.. I'll tell you whats new, better programs, (tools) Better employees (NOT NOOBS!) This time we are not going to fail Black Cobra Mafia, like the uk habbo Black Mafia did, WE! gonna do them proud!

-=BC=- DnT M觧 WTh Th BȧT -=BC=-
-=BC=- DnT M觧 WTh Th BȧT -=BC=-
-=BC=- DnT M觧 WTh Th BȧT -=BC=-

,.-~*`*~-.-(BC RuLz!)-,.-~*`*~-.


copyrighted 2005